About Us

The H Experience was born from love and passion. Love for our country, its people, its culture, that we would like to share with our guests. Passion for building bridges between people across different nationalities, cultures, genres, religions and sexual orientations. Our ambition is to make our guests feel comfortable, relaxed and inspired and create beautiful memories. We are all different and we are all one.

The H Experience believes in sustainability, in fair and equal compensation, supports communities, invests in local initiatives and respects the environment. We support and learn from each other. 

We are not perfect, but we are doing our best to live according to our values, improve and learn everyday. Your feedbacks are precious to us. 
Thank you for choosing us to spend your holidays in Greece.
Follow the golden rays of the sun and the immense blue of the sea you will arrive at a magical place. Here, in Greece, each and every one of your steps follows the traces of history, all your senses are dancing a mythical dance and your dreams are sleeping in the arms of the ancient gods. My name is Maria and I am your Guest Experience Manager in Athens. I am here to make your stay special and to share the joys of travelling and discovering Greece through pictures, tastes, scents and melodies. 
Born and raised in Greece and having lived in Switzerland for the past 30 years, I have always wanted to start something new in my country of origin. It's my way  of saying "Thank you" and making the connection even stronger. The H Experience is about space & comfort, quality services through a network of local partners, authentic Greek culture and most of all, passion to create great moments and unforgettable memories for our guests. Thank you for choosing us to spend your holidays in Greece. 
I have decided to join "The H Experience" team because I would like to promote my region through quality accomodation and services and have the chance to share tips and recommendations to make your stay unforgettable. Come explore our beautiful Cretan landscapes and beaches and experience the real Greece. I am Michalis and I am your Guest Experience Manager in Heraklion, Crete.
Email: info@thehexperience.com
Greece: +30 694 6531653
International: +41 76 3720771
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